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Excerpt from the terms and conditions, agreed by the buyer when placing the order, with regard to return:

18. The right of return within 14 days is regulated by the Emergency Ordinance 34/2014 on consumer protection at remote execution and implementation of agreements.

The right of return within 14 days is addressed to natural person customers, who have purchased products online from             website.

The customer has the right to unilaterally and remotely terminate the agreement, within 15 working days, without penalty and without invoking any reason whatsoever. The only cost that may fall under the consumer is the direct cost of product return.

Waiving the purchase within 14 days is only valid for products ordered online and delivered by courier. The right to waive the purchase shall not apply to legal persons.

19. How to register the product return application and how to obtain the return registration number

19.1.The buyer must fill-in the Return application.

19.4. The Return application shall only be approved and recorded in the system if the requested data are correct and complete and if it meets the mandatory requirements of the return procedure for purchased products;

19.5. Within not more than 24 hours the buyer shall receive an e-mail with the registration number of the return application as well as any other details regarding the return procedure.

20. Return requirements

The returned product must:

- be in the same condition as it was delivered;

- be in the original packaging with all related accessories and consumables (if applicable, including manuals, CD/DVDs, certificates of conformity and warranty, etc.);

- not show any signs of wear, change or consumption in the case of both products and accessories and/or consumables accompanying the returned products;

- with the guarantee labels intact and with the original documents that accompanied it (tax invoice, delivery noted, certificate of warranty, certificate of conformity, etc.);

21. Finding and validating product(s) return acceptance

21.1. After the arrival of the product/products at the Seller's location, the specialized technical staff shall check and ascertain whether the return procedure is applicable to the received products. The verification and finding is made on the basis of the Buyer’s return application and on the mandatory requirements of the return procedure for purchased products;

21.2. The final results found shall be served to the Buyer via e-mail, within not more than 24 hours from receiving the product/products, results which shall also specify any special fee applied, if any, in the product return process (see section - Special costs and charges for product(s) return);

21.3. Based on the results found and served, the Buyer has the obligation to supply by e-mail the Buyer’s acceptance or observations regarding the notified results, in order to continue the product return process.

22. Service and warranty. In case of products that fail in the warranty period but do not meet the mandatory requirements of the return procedure for purchased products (see section - Product Return Acceptance Requirement), the buyer must write to in order to be redirected to the Seller's authorized service locations.

23. Product replacement. For purchased products that meet the mandatory requirement of the return procedure and that involve product replacement, the Seller shall replace the product with a new one of the model specified in the original order of the buyer. If the replacement is agreed with a product of the same category of a higher value, then the buyer shall pay the difference, respectively, if the product value is lower, then the buyer shall receive a partial refund up to the value of the replacement product.

24. Special costs and charges for product(s) return

Costs incurred by the buyer:

- Product return and courier costs if the buyer gives up the purchase of the product within 14 working days from the receipt of the product;

- Courier transportation cost for the buyer's option to re-ship the product that has been found by the seller as not meeting the mandatory requirement of the product return procedure.

24.1. Costs incurred by the seller:

Return and courier transportation costs for the product at the receipt of which the buyer finds that:

- the product does not match the specifications of the seller's offer;

- the product does not match the specifications of the buyer's order;

- the product is not functional within the first 24 hours after receipt or the packaging shows signs of damage.

25. Refund of amounts. The amounts’ refund shall be made no later than 7 days after the date of agreement termination by the consumer.

25.1. The above-mentioned product return policy only applies to products ordered online on that have been received by the natural person buyer through courier transportation.

25.2. The above-mentioned product return policy shall not apply to products ordered / purchased from the Seller's stores. For products ordered/purchased in the Seller's stores, the product return procedure of the location where the sale documents were issued shall apply.

26.8. In case of return of the products ordered and paid, the cost of transportation shall not be refunded.