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About us

  • BILANCIA is an European leader in the import and supply of professional equipment and accessories for the preparation, maintenance and serving of food and beverages.
  • Our company provides a complete package of products and after-sale services, which meet the requirements of any Horeca and retail business, regardless of size.
  • BILANCIA was founded in 1993 and has 100% Romanian capital.

Solutions and benefits

BILANCIA guarantees the best value for customer investments and optimized solutions for all market segments, in terms of value for money.



  • We currently work with over 270 partners from 26 countries in Europe, South America, North America and Asia.
  • The portfolio comprises approximately 92,000 products, which cover all current requirements and needs of businesses in the hospitality and retail industry.
  • We are convinced that innovation is the path to success and that is why we are constantly looking for the latest technologies launched by our partners across the globe.

Product portfolio

We have selected some of the most famous brands in the industry to build-up a full range of products that enable us to guarantee the best performance, quality and reliability parameters to all professionals in the Horeca industry, regardless of the size of the business in which they work.


The team

  • We are 200 people at BILANCIA - a large and powerful team thanks to which we have become one of the most important suppliers of equipment, machines and accessories for the Horeca and retail industry, for Romania.
  • We continuously update our professional knowledge and personal skills in order to provide the best services and a customized response to our clients queries.
  • Our team members have constant support and access to the knowhow and experience acquired by BILANCIA since 1993.

Professionalism and integrity

All Bilancia consultants are experienced professionals, meaning that each and every client always has the opportunity to discuss with a person with deep knowledge of this field.


Deliveries and after-sale services

  • We are always with our clients from all over the country, giving them all the support they need to have a smooth running of their activity. We are permanently looking for solutions to reduce and remove syncope or waiting times.
  • Logistics - the central warehouse has a capacity of 33.000 m3, and the delivery deadline is 24 hours.
  • Services and maintenance - 7 days a week / over 23.000 spare parts on stock / 50 technicians and specialized technical personnel.


  • The headquarters of BILANCIA is in Corbeanca (Ilfov county).
  • The complex of buildings with a COVERED area of 13.500 m2 includes the equipment showroom, the warehouses, the service, sales and administrative departments, as well as the professional accessories store and the gastronomy center.
  • BILANCIA has the largest Horeca equipment showroom in Romania, with an area of 1.900 m2, and the professional accessories store - the biggest in Europe – holds a stock of approx. 10.000 items.


Bilancia - Border
  • Date of establishment: 20.05.1993
  • Registered at the Trade Registry Office near Ilfov Tribunal under no. J23/2223/2010
  • VAT number: RO 3968479
  • Headquarters: Corbeanca Commune, Petresti Village, Balantei Street, No. 46, Room C1, Ilfov County

CAEN Codes

Bilancia - Border

Main activity:

    • 4690 - Wholesale trade of non-specialized goods

Secondary activities:

  • 4799 - Retail trade conducted outside stores, stands, kiosks, and markets
  • 4789 - Retail trade through stands, kiosks, and markets of other products
  • 4322 - Sanitary, heating, and air conditioning installation works
  • 3312 - Vehicle repair
  • 4669 - Wholesale trade of other machinery and equipment
  • 4643 - Wholesale trade of household electrical appliances, radios, and televisions
  • 4619 - Intermediation in various product trade
  • 2825 - Manufacture of ventilation and refrigeration equipment, exclusively non-household equipment


Bilancia - Border
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018, Registration number: S220164/01/RO, dated 21.07.2022, SYSTEMA CERTIFICATIONS
  • Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015, Registration number: C220164/01/RO, dated 13.03.2012, SYSTEMA CERTIFICATIONS
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015, Registration number: M220164/01/RO, dated 13.03.2012, SYSTEMA CERTIFICATIONS
  • RO-2021-02-B&A-1594, dated 10.03.2023, Ministry of Environment, Waters, and Forests, National Environmental Protection Agency
  • RO-EEE-1555-2023-03-23, dated 23.03.2023, Ministry of Environment, Waters, and Forests, National Environmental Protection Agency
  • Certificate No. 0325 based on Government Decision No. 445/2003, NCAGE: 00JSL, dated 14.06.2007, National Codification Bureau
  • Authorization DISPR/CR4/A,B,F,D/01/1383/0/19.07.2011, dated 19.07.2011, I.S.C.I.R. State Inspection for Boiler, Pressure Vessel, and Lifting Installations
  • View our certifications here

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DN1 Soseaua Bucuresti-Ploiesti, Km 19,3,
Corbeanca, Ilfov, str. Balantei 46
Tel.: +4(0)21-352 88 88, e-mail: